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IR Director
Marketing & Investor Relations
New York
Published on
March 31, 2023
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IR Director
New York
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Litney Partners is an executive search firm which collects, uses and stores a variety of personal data necessary to provide such services.If you are a potential candidate for one of our executive search assignments, categories of personal data we collect may include the following identifiers: contact information (e-mail address, address, telephone number), career history, education history, social activities, compensation details (where permitted by applicable legislation), professional experience, information relating to references, languages, photographs, individual capabilities, qualifications, preferences, personality, character traits, professional style profile, executive competencies, interview notes as well as interview recordings and transcripts of such recordings (if applicable), offer letters, identification data (civil/marital status, gender, nationality), and contact history. This data may be obtained directly from you, through publicly available sources, your professional networking profile, news reports, and/or third parties such as our clients, sources/referees, and our authorized background check providers.In order to align our search process with our commitment to ensuring equal opportunities, we may collect information about you (in appropriate circumstances and in accordance with applicable local law) which may be classified as diversity information, or protected legal characteristics under federal, state, or local laws (such as your racial or ethnic background, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, and/or socioeconomic background). Any disability or medical or related information shall be kept confidential and separate from your personnel file in accordance with applicable laws.  Additionally, as some of our clients may be subject to employment diversity requirements, Litney Partners may be required to share such information insofar as it pertains to the search you are a part of or as contractually or legally required to do so and only in accordance with applicable laws.You will not be penalized or denied any prospective hiring opportunities if you refuse to disclose any diversity information, which is completely voluntary.


Marketing & Investor Relations
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Marketing & Investor Relations

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